For Women

There is a new trend among women and it has nothing to do with high heels or hemlines. I am not referring to "50 Shades of Grey" (Which I understand is a pretty hot topic as well).  

Conversations about caliber and kick back are swirling, as across the country and here in the Garden State, the number of female shooters is on the rise.


1 in 4 American women say they personally own a firearm, according to an October 2011Gallup poll.


In the same Gallup poll, 43 percent of women reported at least one firearm in their home and 23 percent said it was theirs.


Below are some recent articles and videos enforcing these polls and information pertaining to women regarding what handgun is right for you, and links to some fun female sites.

This page will be updated periodically, so please check back in at your leisure. 
Emily Miller of the Washington Times talks about the rising level of gun ownership among America's women.
Check out the video.  

New York - Laurie Admo, a Scarsdale mother of two, has been shooting for about a year.

Photographer Lindsay McCrum poses with a copy of her book “Chicks with Guns” during the Safari Club International convention at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center Wednesday, February 1, 2012.